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- Master Cosmetologist

- Aesthetics/Esthetician

- Master Cosmetology Instructor

-Esthetic Instructor

-Master Barber

- Master Barber Instructor

-Cross-Over Barber Program

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SHERITA CHERRY Institute South is dedicated to provide students with effective post-secondary education and train them to be confident, knowledgeable, and successful hairdressers that build their careers in the evolving beauty industry.  Our school teaches the most up-to-date industry trends allowing students to master the technical skills necessary to excel and cultivate their talents.

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Hair Designer

Master Cosmetologist

Master Cosmetology Instructor

Master Barber
Master Barber Instructor
Cross-over Barber Program

MAK Beauty Institute is a NACCAS accredited cosmetology school teaching courses in cosmetology and beauty.

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