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A: "Finding a session to begin your next career move is no problem. We start new enrolled students on every first Monday of each month! Come Join us"!

A: "Our students have the opportunity to change their attendance schedule at their SAP report periods (450,900,and 1200 Hours) but changing from part to full or full to part can only happen at the end of the first academic year at the 900 hours mark."

A:" We require that our Students be in attendance for theory class Monday-Wednesday from 9-11, but the rest of your schedule is completely individualized to find the best fit for you!"

 "Our Master Cosmetology program is 1500 hours and takes as little as 11 months to complete as a full time students. Our accelerated part-time students can expect to finish in about 14 months, while traditional part-time students can expect to finish in 18 months."


A: "Your schedule here at the CHERRY Beauty Institute is personalized to fit your needs! How soon you graduate from the program depends on how many hours per week you can commit. Students that choose the full-time (34 hours per week) schedule graduate in as little as 11 months, while our accelerated part-time (28 hours per week) students graduate in 14 months, and part-time (20 hours per week) students graduate in 18 months. Let us help you find the schedule that is right for you!"

A:"Getting all the documents together to start your program with us is easy. Required documents include a High School Diploma, transcript, or GED, your Driver's License or Passport, and your Social Security Card. All students will also owe the $100 application fee due at enrollment!"

A: "All students enrolling in all programs at CHERRY Beauty Institute will owe the $100 application fee, but just like your schedule here at CBI your monthly payment will be individualized to you! Monthly payments will depend on length of schedule, down payment amount, and aid applied to the overall tuition price. For those who qualify, MAK Beauty Institute does offer Federal Financial Aid for our Master Cosmetology and Instructor- Master Cosmetology Program. The free FAFSA application can be found at

List our school "CBI" to be notified and our Financial Aid Administrator will be happy to call you once we get the information to discuss your options! 

For students in the Hair Design, Master Barber Program, and Instructor-Master Barber Program, there are still options available! For these programs the kit cost and one monthly payment will also be due upon your start date, but the monthly payment will still be individualized to you and your budget. Call us today to find out how we can help make your dream education a reality!"

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