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Esthetics Program

Start your new exciting career today in the Beauty Industry as an Esthetician at

SHERITA C HERRY Institute.  At our new premier establishment, you will gain worldwide access to the latest and up-to-date techniques in skin care.  Turn your passion for skin care into a lucrative business by becoming an esthetician. The Esthetician program requires 1000 hours and can be completed in 9 months (full time) to 11 months (part time). You will master the skills in: Skin Care, Facials, Hair Removal, Brows, Lashes, and Make-Up Application. 

A career as an Esthetician you can become your own Boss by doing what you love. The opportunities are endless. You can work on movie sets, work with your local news stations to cater to news anchors, work in a medspa, and become your own BOSS as a licensed esthetician.

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